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Infertility Treatment for Male - What causes infertility in males and how to treat the same without surgery?

Becoming parents is not a task for many couples but for some couples, it gets difficult to conceive. In a recent study, it was found that more than 15% of the couples are infertile. This means that the couple is unable to conceive even with the frequent unprotected sex for over a year.

Usually, the main reason for male infertility happens due to the low sperm count, blockages to prevent the delivery of sperm. Along with these things, there are many other things like injuries which often causes damage to the male reproduction system, illness, major health diseases, lifestyle choices which include unhealthy diet, drugs, alcohol which causes male infertility.

Often, it is seen that not being able to have a baby when you are trying for so long is frustrating for the couples. But not to worry there are many male infertility treatments are available for the same. But before jumping into the infertility treatment for men, let's dig deep and find out what are the causes:

There are many reasons for infertility in men. Some of the reasons are hormonal imbalance, twisted or bulging veins around the testicles that blocks the route of sperm and leads to infertility. The symptoms of infertility in men cannot be seen and only came in light when unable to conceive.

Some other symptoms include:

1. Reduced sex drive.
2. Problem with the sexual function
3. Inability to Smell
4. Decreased body hair growth
5. Abnormal breast growth

These are some of the things which if you are experiencing, then it is better to get yourself checked with the doctor for better sex life and reproductive health.

Let's understand what can be the causes of male infertility and their medical treatment.

1. Varicocele: The varicocele means the swelling of the veins which drain the testicles. Though, the exact reason for this problem can not be known yet. It can be related to the abnormal testicular temperature regulation which results in the quality of the sperm. This can be cured medically but if the problem gets worse then the operation/surgery can be one of the options.

2. Infection: infection around the area can also cause to reduce the sperm count and often leads to infertility in males. This can be treated medically but often can lead to sexually transmitted diseases or HIV.

3. Hormonal imbalance: There can be a chance of hormonal imbalance in case of infertility in males. The low testosterone rate can also lead to the hormonal imbalance which leads to infertility in male partners.

But what to do if you don’t want to opt for the surgery and not even want the allopathic treatment as well. We all know that allopathic treatments have side effects so what should be done?

Don’t worry, here’s the option for you.

Choose the Ayurvedic treatment to cure male infertility. Ayurvedic herbs combinations such as Makardhwajwati, Suwarna Siddha Makardhwaj, Shilajit adiWati etc are very helpful to cure these diseases. Ayurveda has a cure for everything and always focus on making you Rishtpusht.#Infertility Treatment for Male

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